It has been a bit quiet on this blog, plenty of ideas, but no energy to write or take pictures for it.
The school holidays have come and gone and were just what we needed, we kept a very low profile and more or less went into hibernation.
Sophie has been waking up just about every night, coughing, miserable. Tim has been a bit better but has also been waking up a lot. The morning sickness, missed meals and lack of sleep did me in.

Last Sunday week ago became a turning point, the morning sickness started to lessen to the point I’m eating dinner again. My energy has also come back, de kids are sleeping a bit better and I’m starting to feel up to new projects again. And there are so many waiting for me...
To prove the point the morning sickness is gone, I fried up 10kg of sausages and 5 kg of onions for a fundraiser last Saturday and felt fine.
We have decided to have the kids sharing a bedroom while everything is still normal. Sander has spend a great deal of the weekend making shelves in the build-in wardrobe. And somehow it feels better knowing they are not alone at night, they might start to have better sleeps. First night tonight, can’t get much worse then the last weeks...

I’ve had my 12 week scan, all was good. Even my GP is now convinced that I was spot on with my due date... You get pregnant and they start poking at you: ultrasounds, blood tests and check-ups. I’m not sick, just having a baby, something women have been doing for thousands of years, look around you, we did pretty okay don’t you think?!?!?
Yep, I get very argumentative around doctors. Don’t get me wrong, we have many friends, fantastic friends that are doctors. They are the best people, I even married one... Doesn’t mean that I agree with everything. I was brought up with a bit more alternative views towards healing, it has made for interesting discussions with my husband, but very respectful both ways. Nevertheless, unless I develop any complications along this pregnancy, I’ll just see a midwife at the clinic for check-ups.

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