Weekend baking

Weekends are normally a pretty quiet affair in our household. Sleeping in, a cooked breakfast, going for a walk, coffee and cookies, an afternoon nap, a little sewing, a little gardening and jobs around the house, reading a book in the hammock and some tinkering in the kitchen to tie us over through the week. We're all revived and ready to go again on Monday.

It's also a great time to try out new recipes (click for recipe)
Pea&Ham soup, I left it slowly simmering for about 6 hours, just like the Dutch Erwtensoup.
Vanilla Ice-creamso simple, no need for an ice-cream maker, or try the Chocolate Ice-cream
Chocolate chip gingernuts, I've used less ground ginger, but then added chopped up candied ginger.
Orange blossom Carrot Salad
Zucchini Slice, I've made so many changes to it that it almost warrants writing my own recipe for it...
(Use yoghurt instead of oil, add a grated carrot, fry bacon and onion before adding to the mixture, the grated cheese is optional).
* Greek crumbed cauliflower, I served these with a mustard/mayo sauce and a large garden salad.
Currant and spice biscuits

A full cookie jar can be too temping for a lot of people,  create a time-lock and freeze them.
Always something to put in the kids bags for an after-school treat, to bring along for a morning tea. They need about the same time to defrost as it takes to make a cuppa.

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