Getting organised, by the moon

I like to be organised, to be able to cram as much as possible in a day. But ever since the kids have been back to school, we’ve been flat out. Don’t get me wrong, I like a busy agenda, but my garden started to suffer with my ever growing priority/task list. In the hight of Summer everything grows like crazy, which is fantastic, downside: so do grass and weeds. Staying on top of them has always been a priority, having accumulated a small snake trauma in Queensland, I like to see where I walk. But it doesn’t leave much time for growing the things you do want to see thriving. I’m getting frustrated, don’t know where to start anymore. And then I remembered: Lunatic Gardening, a time management tool that helps to structure but also gives better results. Sounds great doesn’t it?
I ordered this one: A Moon Calendar (link), just line up the day of the New Moon with the red segment. For every day of the month it will tell you what to do. Right now we’re in the 11 days of prolific growth: sow above ground crops, plant, cut, graft, divide, repot and fertilise.
Later on I’ll have days allocated for sowing root crops, weeding and preparing the soil/mulching.

The chooks have been moved this morning, leaving a perfect fertilised and mulched plot behind. They are very happy in their new spot, weeding and cleaning up. Last weeks have been hot (38C) and dry, but over the weekend it has started raining again. Perfect time to sow.
I’ve just spend an hour going through my seeds packets, organising. I’m ready for a major planting spree once the day cools of.

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