End of Summer, the sums

Having planted 12 tomato plants last season should make a bumper crop, I have to painfully admit, defeat... King Parrots and floods did them in.
Okay, the water cascading through the veggie patch didn’t help, having trouble planning (see previous post) didn't too, but it wasn’t all bad. There is still hope...

 The zucchini saved me from losing my faith in green thumbs. Picking at least two a day, even if nothing else grows, that’s rewarding.
 Several types of climbing beans have decided to go up after all, the sweet potato is “mulching” the entire bed, sounds bad, might actually be a good thing in this heat.
 Who doesn’t get happy from sunflowers? I’ll have to remember next Summer to plant some every month to have continuous supply (instead of the 30 at once).
 Eggplants have at last decided to fruit.
 Looks like a rock melon to me. I like guerrilla gardening, just throw a seed bomb and see what comes up, they don’t come with planter labels though...
 Many, many cucumbers, these are quit prickly but very tasty once peeled.
 Pumkins, trying to take over the garden, with vines growing 20cm a day, all of them.
 I have to keep the bees happy, thankfully some flowers survived
 Chilies, hot as hell.
 Corn doesn’t like me, yep it looks like corn, but there a no or hardly any kernels on the cob, maybe better next year.
The water feature, happily hiding frogs, grass type plants were a good idea.

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