For a couple of days we had Stephan, Tim and Nadia over.
Our Tim was very much impressed that there was an other Tim, so much that he even offered his bed and slept in Sophies walk-in-closet during their stay.
It was great to catch up with Stephan after having not seen each other for years, Nadia and Tim offered to babysit while we went sightseeing in Grafton. The kids had a ball!
Nothing better then a good Aussie barbie to welcome visitors from overseas.

A meal with entertainment provided, everything to keep our visitors happy...
And the choice beach or mountains. It became Washpool NP in the World Heritage listed Gibraltar Range, not too many leeches this time.
Photo's are all by Nadia ten Wolde.

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  1. Het was fijn er even geweest te zijn! Bedankt voor alles!


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