Happy 2012!

Okay, a bit late... But happy 2012 everybody!!!

I made “oliebollen” to celebrate.
Fireworks are not an option, instead we made a round through the garden with pots, pans and tambourines and chased away all the bad spirits (and anything else for the matter). We had fun and crashed into bed soon after that.

Meanwhile summer is in full swing, not a lot of washing. Bathrooms are clean too, we just get the hose out when it’s time for a shower. The kids can find their own snack of blue- and strawberries in the garden. We feast on mangoes and lychees and pick our own cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants.

We’re halfway the summer holidays, it took me awhile to relax into it having the kids at home full-time and no obligations (kindy gym, swimming lessons, playgroup, music,...). Worried beforehand what we would do with all that time. Silly me.
The weeks fly by. There is heaps to be done in the garden with planting, weeding, watering and mowing in full swing. The kids enjoy themselves with so many simple things (Tim and Sophie are “painting” the deck at the moment with a paint brush and some water). We go and cool of at the pool or go to the beach. The afternoons are siesta time, to hot to do much else other then reading a book or having a snooze.

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