Winter Flowers

I love colours, they make me happy. When we just moved in, I planted bulbs, lots of them and just everywhere. Every day we’re on a bit of an Easter hunt to see what has come up and where. The first ones to cheer us up are these little freesias.
Tim has made it his mission to bring flowers to people of who he thinks need cheering up, so far he has been spot on...

What I never realised is that so many of the native trees are flowering in Winter, I thought it might be a dull grey season, but we keep finding more different ones flowering everyday. Spring can’t be far of now.
The previous owners have planted so many natives in the garden around the house, fantastic because they are very low maintenance (they are supposed to grow here by themselves after all). I know not much about the Australian trees and scrubs, but I’m learning. Most of the things I’m planting for decorative purposes are all natives, they are just as pretty and are a lot tougher and water-wise. It keeps the bees, birds and butterflies coming back for more and make sure the plants and trees for eating purposes are getting pollinated as well.

Kangaroo Paw is becoming my favourite flower, a good thing because I’ve planted lots of these in the borders in all different colours. Two months ago I planted this one as a 8cm high plant, just some green grassy leaves...

Native hibiscus, all the plants are still small but already flowering.
It’s going to be mad rainbow of colours in a couple of years!
A native daisy

Wandering grevillea

Native paper daisy
Spiky grevillea
Grevillea, there are so many types of these!

Our 27.000L rainwater tank, now fully functional, although we haven’t had that much rain, it seems to have been enough to keep all the veggies alive, the toilets flushed and the washing machine going.
Callistemon or bottlebrush
Apple blossom

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