The garden in Winter

The garden in Winter, it’s all growing very slow.
I’m working hard to get all these plants and trees ready to take off once Spring hits.

Where it all starts, the seed raising trays.

Climbing beans, such a cute flower.

Cherry tomatoes

The chilies keep going, most of the time they end up in the kitchen before they have time to turn red. I’ll have to plant another bush.

The blueberries are checked at every day by the kids, we should be able to harvest a couple cups of these young bushes.

The new fruit trees are doing very well, looks we’re going to have peaches this year.

I still find it strange strawberries in Winter, but it seams to be the only time of year they grow well around here.

The last raspberry of the season.

The chooks have started to lay, we have about 7 eggs a day. Meet Hendrik our rooster.

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