Daffodils and swooping magpies, that can only mean one thing: Spring!
While this daffodil was two days early, (Australian spring starts on the 1st of September), I was astonished by it’s accuracy.
The nesting magpies are being a pest, but well, swooping is what magpies do. Sander has been advised to put a spiky construction on his helmet to be able to ride his bicycle in peace... Hmmm....

We're finishing up the last of the broccoli, we have to be quick because they are starting to flower now the temperature is getting up.
Flowers are coming up in masses, the whole house is scented with the jasmine from the front veranda. On my way into town I have to drive past a fantastic nursery, it’s hard not to stop. Sander is calling me an addict, while I feel I’m putting my own stamp on the garden and making it home.
Okay, maybe I’m an addict after all, one more picture of a very funky kangaroo paw that just came up.

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