Full Moon

Most celebrations these days are getting so commercialised (Valentine, Mothers Day, Christmas). Even more, because we’re not attending church, most public holidays have lost there meaning. I felt sad about it, because without them, the year just seem to speed by. So I thought maybe it’s fun to celebrate the Full Moon, being surrounded by nature makes you feel more in touch with the seasons and the weather. So yesterday evening we had dinner outside surrounded by moonlight. Being the middle of Winter, we had to rug up a bit, but it was fantastic how much you can see and hear at night. We’ll make it a monthly event.

While I was doing a bit of research on the dates of full moon, I learned also that this event has been celebrated all over the world for thousands of years. Where farmers worked with the agrarian calendar and even have a name for the full moon for every new month. We celebrated Snow Moon, Lenten Moon will come next. Now you won’t see us praying, dancing and singing naked around a bonfire, we’ll settle for pot roast and fruit from the season.

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