We have a new dog, Youp.
He is 15 months old and spend most of his life in the kennel, het got abandoned by the owners when they couldn't pay the bill anymore.
He is having the time of his life running on the beach and chasing bush turkeys. He sure loves all the attention with Tim being his biggest fan.
We are still in the middle of Summer, the sunny days alternate with the rainy ones. The garden sure loves it. I have planted quite some seeds, we'll see what comes up. It's very exiting starting your own veggie garden!
The chook pen still needs a lot of work, but bit by bit we're geting there. Would be great to start the day with a warm fresh egg.
Tim is playing a lot in the garden, the good thing with this warm weather that I have hardly any washing, I can just hose him of at the end of the day...

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