Tropical Cyclone Hamish

A category 5 cyclone, Hamish, is passing our East coast at the moment.

We had a warning 36 hrs ahead and had plenty of time for precautions. We took all the outside furniture and pot plants inside, and cleared up all the loose items. We stocked some extra food and water and decided to sit it out. This house has seen a cyclone before, coastal houses are build for it.
The eye of the cyclone is 170km at sea and travels south very slowly with a 17 km/h. Yesterday evening we got a bit of a fright, the cyclone looked to be heading straight at us, when we got over the first panic we heard that it turned form a category 4 to a category 5...
Nevertheless, we had a good night sleep knowing that it would take until the morning for the cyclone to get here. And had very good hopes that it would change it path, it did.

We are in Sarina, about 35km under Mackay and about 100km north of St. Lawrence
While I'm writing this the worst of the cyclone is passing us, Sander is outside with Tim washing one of the cars. It's rainy and a bit more windy then normal. I think we had the worst yesterday when a lot of rain came down. The cyclone is losing it's force and will soon turn in a category 4 again.
If you want to read more about it, check:
http://www.abc.net.au/news/tag/cyclones/ this is like the Dutch NOS.
And for those who are interested, Tim is walking since a couple of days.

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