Day care

A new day care center is opening in Sarina, Tim will go there for two days a week, starting at the end of the week. It will be quiet at home. I'm still not sure to be happy or sad. Lots of mums tell me that I finally have some time to do things for myself, but I don't get it. I still do all the things I used to do, I just take Tim with me. Yoga three times a week, he knows the drill and just sit there watching us or has a nap. Shopping, not a problem he loves to watch all the other shoppers. So why does he go? To become a real Aussie! Learning all the songs, to learn the language and the culture. And most of all to to play with other children. He is going to love it and I don't have any excuses left of not finishing my study...

I has been mostly dry for some weeks now, but I think we will get some more rain, probably the last bit of the rain season. How I would know? For a couple of days we have these big black red-tailed cockatoos hawking in the neighborhood and they are spot on with the predicting of rain.

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  1. Wat een gave foto! Wat een wijs ventje is het dan ineens. Hoe was de daycare?


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