Camping with a crawler

Jan & Evelien were back in town. Tim loved all the attention of his grandparents, he is such a showoff!
Last weekend we went camping together at Homevale National Park, we pitched up our tent in the middle of the park next to the Moonlight Dam. I think the Aussies thought it was still to cold to go camping (it's wintertime: day 26C, night 15C) so we had the whole National Park for ourselves. Very happy with our 4WD, it was a tough road to get there. Camping was basic: a dunny (hole in the ground) and bore water, but great. Never saw so many stars and the Milky Way so brightly. Tim liked the tent, so much to explore and so many zippers to play with, no time for sleep.

After all those days in the bush and no shower we decided to drive back via Mackay to have a look at the recently opened Bluewater Lagoon. A water paradise with swimming pools and water features for kids. The Australian facilities are great!
That's when you know you're a Queenslander, you have to wear a sun hat.
In the waiting line for the shower.
Tim is crawling. Not yet on his fours, but in his commando style he also manages to go from room to room. Time for a house transformation...

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