Full Moon Weekend

Full Moon rising over the gum trees.
Macadamias, raw organic cocoa and raw local honey.
Smooth, dark and irresistible.
Soccer games. Alex’s team had a formidable opponent. After a rather frustrating first halve, Alex had enough and took on the role as goal keeper. An Edwin van der Sar in the making, nothing did pass this little wall.
To say that it’s rather dry is an understatement. With a fire ban coming in early. The valley was rather smokey from all the back burns cleaning up dry vegetation for when it gets dangerously dry, combined with hot Summer weather. 
It makes for interesting driving though...
Another way to clean up the grassy shoulders, cattle patrol.

The paddocks are bare, the horses get hand fed daily to keep them going.
My first go on a plaited brioche.
The Amongst Friends, Trees and a Full Moon get together. After many moons, still going strong and highly anticipated by our kids.
Full Moon after party, with breakfast by the fire.
“Cleaning up” my macadamia brittle disaster as a topping for lemon myrtle and vanilla cake.
Back at school, all the extracurricular activities have started up again.
A couple more days and the soccer carnival is on, 64 junior teams have nominated. 
It’s going to be a massive day! It’s a rather steep learning curve...

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  1. This winter has been dry and frosty, although our days have been warm and sunny. A little rain will go a long way to helping bring everything back to life. Your macadamia adventures look very delicious!


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