Being outside grounds me: a quick walk with the dog while the sun is coming up, checking on the horses and the chooks. The first rays of sun, so pretty with a bit of cloud cover or the smokey haze over the valley. Giving a tiny hint of warmth on these freezing mornings. A friendly nicker from the horses while they wait on their hay, now the grass is all gone. The kookaburra, always a happy sound in the morning, frolicking away in the distance. The magpies, sitting on the branches above me, doing another sing along. And of course the chooks, always hungry, spotting the chook bucket and calling me over. All of this while the dog is happily doing bouncing laps around me and the kids finish their breakfast and climb on their bikes. 
Good morning, breathe in the beauty and possibilities.
The day might be busy, but its all going to be ok. We’re doing all of this again at the end of the day...

The soccer carnival came and went. It was a major job, taking up many hours. But it was a huge success. 600 juniors played, accompanied by parents and siblings. 
Behind the scenes.
It’s been quite the eye opener seeing the other side, the organisational part of a carnival. 
The strong community spirit, the many, many awesome people volunteering their time and energy.
You don’t know how strong you are until you pushed a little at your comfort zone. 
Even if that includes doing presentations...
Still Winter, but we can see nature gearing up for spring. 
The feedback from the mulberry patrol: “Loaded!”
“Wings and Wheels” at the local airstrip.
David would like this one for his birthday...
While Alex and Sophie wouldn’t mind going up in the glider...
The dam is getting lower. 
With all of NSW drought declared, we’re aware that a bit of rain in June has done wonders to get us through this Winter. We still have water in our rainwater tank. Even though most of the grass has disappeared with the first good frost, the coldest winter since a rather long time, we know that many other are not so lucky. It’s been heart-warming to see how many people are involved in fundraisers to pull our farmers through this. With long road trains of hay going all over the state. We have to look after our farmers, where would we be without them...
Going Nuts Macadamia Oil.
I keep bringing out new products, knowing it probably not the most efficient way having a menu so wide. But it’s keeping it fun, the experimenting, trials and promoting. It also enables me to bring out the best products of the season. That means sometimes saying goodbye (temporary) to best sellers, like the maple pecans. Sometimes the stress of keeping up stock is not worth it. I’ll bring it back for next Winter, with a better supply line...
My gorgeous boys, always keen for adventure.
The end of the Young Guns program,  soccer has finished for David. 
Soccer season is going towards its end, only a couple more training and games for the older ones and the season is all wrapped up for the year. Organisation for the presentation (end of year celebration) and the club's 50th birthday dinner are in full swing.
With my Autumn granola coming to an end. I’m introducing a new seasonal granola: Berrylicious.
Raspberry soaked oats, with lime, coconut and vanilla. Finished off with almond flakes and dried blueberries. 
My house now smells like raspberry macaroons... This trial batch got all thumbs up. Today will be making new labels, getting ready for the orders that are already starting to roll in!
And another couple of weeks gone, the year is flying by.
This would be the year that I would challenge myself a bit more, stretching the comfort zone. Trying new things and making sure there wouldn’t be any regrets. While keeping a balance...
Well, the balance is often the biggest challenge. But I’ve grown so much this year, in skills, as a baker, business woman and as a person. I’ll let you know at the end of the year what the verdict is...

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  1. Another beautiful and positive update. I think we will all be glad of some rain when it finally comes.


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