Autumn Holidays

Two weeks of school holidays.
Making the most of it.
Slowing down.
Watching the waves
Taking a break
Picnics by the water
Enjoying honeycombs from our friends hive.
Horse riding and potlucks with friends
Sophie had the time of her life!

Checking out the water dragons by the river.
BBQ by the beach
Sharing the rock pools with the wobbegongs
Swimming and exploring
Camping along the beach with friends

Anzac Marching
 Another successful Full Moon get together
 Almost independent.
Date night with hubby: salsa dancing!
With a special Cuban birthday dance for one of the dancers.

Nights are getting nippy, the PJ’s have come out of storage...
Soccer, soccer, soccer.
It's going great, however I’m still a little frazzled with everything involved.
The kids have stepped up, taking on more responsibility. Sophie loves helping out with fundraising, and odd jobs like handing out balls with our new mascot.
Seeing them play from the distance, Alex is this blond tornado whizzing over the field, David with two hands in the air celebrating his first goals, Tim being a wall in defence.
And Sophie finding her feet. 
Playing in the backyard and swimming with the waterlily’s.
Even though the swims in the pool are getting very short.

Enjoying a lazy afternoon at home on this extra pupil free day,
tomorrow is back to school, work and play.

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  1. Oh the smile on Sophie's face on the horse ! :-)


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