This week: Autumn Holidays

The last week of the Autumn Holidays, (the eldest two went back to school again today), they made the most of it. Involving many playovers.
(Can you spot them with their bikes?)

With the weather so sublime, they were to be found outside.
And collecting sticks for the evening fire pit session.
Getting orders ready for Mothers Day.
And with only a week to go until the Valley Made Markets, the pressure is on!
School is back, so are the extracurricular activities.
David’s first “big boy” swimming lesson. No more sing-a-long baby swimming lessons!
I love that huge grin!
 Finishing touches on a table runner
Trying to keep up with her brothers. So tired all the time, working out if the epilepsy or medications are to blame.
Doing some maintenance under the watchful eye of our puppy.

Making power smoothies with the boys,
they’re now ready to rule the world...

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