Lotte’s Baby Quilt

This is my new niece, Lotte, my sisters second child. 
My sister Janneke lives in Belgium. Since I can’t be there to give my new niece a cuddle, I’ve send her a little quilt instead, made with love and wishes.
 Colourful, suitable for a girl were the instructions.
I’ve made it as a strip quilt, using a quilt-as-you-go technique.
This type as quilt is often done as a jelly-roll quilt. But I don’t like pre-cut and matched up fabrics.

Instead I’ve used fabrics that have meaning for me or my sister. Using fabrics I’ve bought for the occasion. Like the Bambi fabric (my sister loved this movie) and the little bicycles for the Dutch connection. The baking fabric, for what we both love to do.
Teamed up with scraps from quilts I’ve made before, giving them a family connection.
Using the last scrap of fairy fabric that Sophie loves so much, the Miffy/Nijntje fabric, a leftover from my other sisters sewing project. The green that her big brother, Jip, has in his quilt. The flowers that her niece Vera has in her quilt. The white daisies from my parents quilt. The purples from Sophie’s quilt. And more greens from her nephews quilts.
 The binding is my sisters favourite colour.
“ For Lotte. Made with Love, Auntie Marijke, Australia 2017.”
The result is an eclectic mess mix of fabrics. One that will feel like a warm hug, for sweet dreams and fabrics that will inspire her to explore.


  1. Meaningful quilts made with love are the best ones! It looks to be a generous and versatile size too.

  2. I love all the connections with the fabric choices :-)


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