Ups and downs

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here, life has been a little crazy with some ups and downs.
Such a busy time of year too! But going for a walk with the animals, chooks excluded, is a great way to give the mind a break, to just be.
That time of year where the Xmas orders start rolling in.
With $2.50 for every jar/bottle sold going to the local womens shelter, it’s a great fundraiser too.
I even have someone wanting to match the amount raised!
Love to see more of these! Need a hint what this will grow?
Pretty flowers coming out of hiding spots.
Sophie being admitted again for more tests.
It’s still a waiting game for us.
Turning 75 together (35-40)
Little monkeys ready for mischief
Sick days, stitches, life is never boring but certainly messy.
A visitor in the veggie garden. A friendly red belly black, dragging a green frog with it
Tyson is a big sook. Thunderstorm make him a quivering mess. We try to do as much as we can to keep him comfortable, but November (thunderstorm month) is not his favourite time of the year. When a storm hit with hail, he bolted. He was found the next morning, 20km away on the other side of the river, I don’t want to think how he got there, that river is huge.
But he now has his own tag/medal. Or as Alex said: “Tyson is a winner!”
Pinching my breakfast, the highlight of David’s morning.
Trying to go out every weekend, doing some simple family things. Like going to the park.

Bounty from my friends garden (the other basket still inside). I managed to sell most of them as a addition to my own stall. Thats another $100 raised of the womens shelter!
My stall at Valley Made market this year, what a day!
My new oven just got delivered:
A double oven, for more efficient baking days. 40kg a week is just too much for a normal oven!
"Stop screaming Alex, it’s just a baby huntsman.”


  1. Woo hoo a double oven!! You won't know yourself

    1. It still feels a little extravagant,
      but when I found one that would fit in the exisiting hole (no cupboards or drawers lost), with double the capacity, that was a sign. Right?!! ;-)

  2. Ovens look great! That should free up some time :)

  3. Well, I’m going to need that time, since I put my hand up for playgroup coordinator! ;-)
    Sander, my hero, is making a mess in the kitchen making a hole that is big enough to fit it in (my measurements were a bit optimistic)
    Hopefully the electrician can actually install the oven this week, I’m a bit lost without an oven!


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