So exciting, we’ve been had the fencers over! 
They’ve replaced the boundary fence at the front. It was barely holding up, most posts are rotten and once the first post crumbles, it will be domino from there!
An internal fence, further down, was held together with cable ties, it didn’t had a functional gate either, which often meant I was catching horses at the back of the forest, their favourite place for the afternoon, when the farrier was coming. 
And new gates, lots of them, because most weren’t much better then the one you see above.
Just perfect!
A beautiful gate that opens without dragging and a fence that will keep the hoofed girls in,
no a doubt.
Sander’s birthday present: a gate towards the walking track; for bikes, prams and mowers.
This gate is on kangaroo highway, I’m sure this one won’t crumble when they accidentally hit it.

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