School Holidays

Little Moon Dancer (Moony), being the perfect kids pony for our youngest two. When David sees her, the only thing he want is “up!”. Then whinging all the while when Alex gets his turn.
The fences are holding, a large part and all the gates will soon get a major overhaul. We’re all very exited, a new friend will join us next week...

 School holidays are so much better when Oma (grandma) is around...
 Making the most of the beautiful weather: Woolgoolga Beach. With a grandpa to fly the kite.
 Finding familiar letters. A, L, E, X for Alex, M for Mum, S for Sophie,...

 Little (angelic) rascal
 Almost winning
Opa (grandad) fixed, tweaked and pumped up all the bikes, no more training wheels.
Turns out Alex can ride a bike too!
 Waiting for the bus, who would take the grandparents back to the airport again.
Time to say goodbye.
It’s not often they see their grandparents in “real life”. But the time we have together is extra special. Two weeks of camping, walks, reads, sleepovers, games and tickles have made many happy memories to cherish.

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  1. Moony will help make the loss of the grandparents more bearable. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and such great weather too. Grandparents are very special people.


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