Little Rays of Sunshine

After a harrowing week with Sophie’s epilepsy, the arrival of our newest family member, Laura, was like a ray of sunlight. David is no longer the baby/youngest of the family! Not only our lonely horse, Moony is happy, the kids are very much in love with her. She’s like a little puppy, wanting to follow you everywhere, coming for cuddles, splashing through the waterholes. In another years time, breaking her in will be easy.
 More bananas!
 Splashes of colour throughout the garden, such mood improvers!
 Pretty peas

 Zucchini overload coming up

Having a break at the river, the BMX track was sweaty work!


  1. Sorry to hear about Sophie's health struggles, which in turn effect all the family too. Sounds like perfect timing for Laura's arrival!

    Pretty splashes of colour are always welcome and we have so many more this time of year. Are they purple snow peas? I've not seen purple peas before. Miss O has just removed her finished peas and planted three varieties of beans.

    1. It's a purple podded pea, an old heirloom variety I grew up with in The Netherlands (Eden seeds sells them). The kids ate them as snow peas, but let them mature and they make a great dried (brown) pea. Perfect for winter dishes. The beans are in as well, we've started picking the first butter beans. Did you get the purple beans as well? They grow very well (and pretty) but turn green upon cooking. Our kids call them magic beans!

    2. We've grown purple beans several times - I love their flavour and that they are easier to detect amongst the green leaves and stems. Will keep the purple podded pea in mind for next year. :)

  2. Oh no! How is Sophie now?


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