Hot Chocolate

Coffee and hot chocolate, with a special treat, is a weekend tradition at our house.

There is no use buying the rather expensive hot cocoa mix at the supermarket. Making your own enables you to choose your own quality ingredients and adjust it to your taste.
Most mixes, including the fancy ones, have about 65% sugar! The secret ingredient to making the chocolate so decadently thick and creamy is milk powder. Yes, I know, you mix it in with hot milk, why add powdered milk as well? Like I said, secret ingredient. Check the label on those fancy mixes, see, there you go...

I make my mix with 1/3 each:
Sugar. Choose your own, I chose rapadura for this batch.
Milk powder
Cocoa powder (unsweetened) I love the bitter Dutch cocoa for this

Combine in a jar, leaving some room on the top to make it easier to mix, and shake until combined.
Add a teaspoon for every hot cup of milk, or to taste.

The slice on the plate? Nut butter blondies, recipe to follow...

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