This week, in snapshots...

Tim’s first year of soccer, I’ve become a soccer mum...
A couple of weeks of training, got put to test in their first game.
 A loss, but plenty learned. Many more months of games to look forward to.
 “Player of the match”
Baby quilt, going towards the finish line. 
 With the weather getting cooler, my curry paste is back for sale. Almost all ingredients are grown in our valley, and turn all those beautiful vegetables you find at the farmers markets into a nourishing curry, stir-fry or soup. It makes the best pumpkin soup, well thats what my friend Simone tells me, who sells exactly that at the markets...
With the school holidays finishing up for Queensland and those for New South Wales just about to start, it has been busy on the farmers markets in touristy Yamba. I’ve been baking huge quantities of granola for the last couple of weeks, to the point I might need some help. Which only got underlined when our local health food store asked for some samples. Am I going to expand?
Our “puppy”, so patient and loved by all.
 Kids keep on trying to race him, this galloping giant loves to run. It has been good practice for Tim who came out for his school in the Clarence Valley Cross Country.
Little David, our feisty number four, growing up so quickly. 
Enjoying a richly filled stew, 
then to the great delight of the kids, the leftovers got transformed into a pie.
With the path accessible again, there has been many walks and bike rides through our forest, to the great delight of our dog... He is out there, somewhere, bouncing around.
One morning I even found myself running the whole track, I don’t know what got into me, I haven’t run since I was sixteen!
 Expanding the deck towards the pool, Sander is keeping himself very busy.
And a new bunch of bananas is taking off, having tasted homegrown,
we’re eagerly anticipating the next harvest.

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