Rosella Sauce

Rosella’s, they’re as pretty as their namesakes, both do well in our garden. The birds we already have, now I desperately need to plant some as well. A small bag of rosellas from a local grower just got turned into Rosella Sauce. It’s absolutely delicious, very aromatic and colourful.
There are many ways to use rosella fruit. Cordials, jams and jellies the obvious ones, but we only very rarely use those, so I don’t find them worth the trouble. On one site I saw them be called the tropical version of cranberries. So I made it into a sauce. If I could get my hands on more I would dry some of the “petals” for my tea blends.
Rosella Sauce:
Roughly cut up your rosellas (seed and all) stick them in a thick bottomed pot with 2 large table spoons of sugar (for roughly 500grams of rosellas). 
Cook for 20 minutes, by then it should be very syrupy. The seeds have plenty pectin to thicken it up. 
Taste, I like mine a little tart, add more sugar if you like. Stir until the additional sugar has dissolved.
Run through a food mill to sieve out the seeds and rougher bits 
Pour into clean jars, I had enough for two smallish jars. 
Keep in the fridge, this recipe doesn’t use enough sugar to make it reliable for canning.

The taste and scent is very close to rhubarb. This would make a lovely crumble pie.
I’ve used it through yoghurt, with roasts or like jam on toast. 
Or a rainy Sunday brownie...


  1. How much water did you use Marijke? I cooked mine up into a sweet sauce, some of which we had over ice cream last night for a rare dessert night.

    1. I didn’t use any water at all, there was enough moisture in the rosella’s as it was. Just keep stirring gently.
      Adding a little water would definitely work, it would make the sauce a bit thinner and go a bit further.
      This would rock with ice-cream! Lous was hoping to get some more in this week...


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