On the mower...

Let me take you along a walk through our forest at the back of our block. Most of you are now familiar with the 5 acres around our house. The veggie garden, tree house pool and paddocks. But behind the second paddock hides another 20 acres. A piece of bush land that we leave for the wildlife. There is a walking/maintenance track that runs along the boundary fence before it gets cut off by the gully. About a 40 minute walk depending on the amount of kids you take along... 
Our little piece of paradise.
Crossing the gully over the rocks to walk along the higher ridge.
The growth is still a bit sparse at the back fence
Many fairy wrens, butterflies and wallabies reside here, we keep hoping to see a koala
Where is the path? No wonder the neighbour, who offered to slash the path last year, got lost...
One of the many termite hills surrounded by wattle trees, this part of the forest will be yellow when they start flowering.
Almost home again, past paddock #2
Just in time before the storms turns the gully in a raging creek

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