Lazy Weekend (in snapshots)

With no commitments (or shopping!) to do, there was plenty of time to potter around the house. 
A little baking, a couple of fermenting projects, weeding the garden, planting out a new garden bed with heaps of different heirloom potatoes that I managed to get my hands on in the last couple of weeks. Just like the two little lychee trees, a mulberry tree and a rare chilli plant I found for a steal at the farmers markets. They’re all in the ground, enjoying the cooler autumn weather, with plenty gentle sprinkles of rain. It’s nice having time to just play around, with my little sidekicks, on all these different projects.
 Chocolate/almond/apricot muesli bars

Morning Tea: Apricot Scones 
Milling rye for the sourdough rye bread
Making pitta bread
And stuffing it with leftover pasta sauce and hummus

Baby Quilting
The Yamba Cup Race, also now as: Blues, Brews & Barbecues.
Swimming Pool, Phase 2
While I’ve been pottering away inside with the kids, Sander has been working hard digging holes and mixing concrete for phase 2 of the swimming pool. With glass panels and new posts being delivered today, we’re ready to start altering the fence on the existing deck. Before we can start pool deck. It will be spectacular!

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