Handy Man

( Just found this post in my drafts folder, only a year late, but here we go...)

I very much regret not taking a “before” picture.
Think only hanging space, a chest of drawers tucked in, because T-shirts on hangers? Yeah right...
Big ugly shelves on top that you couldn’t reach, in frustration you would just thrown it in, hoping to recover it one day.
Hubby was on a mission and before I knew the old wardrobe was pulled out and dumped on the repurpose pile...
We now have lots of shelve space (behind doors!) and a shoe rack.
Those loose bits and things like toilet bags, spare toothbrushes, medicine, climbing gear,...  are now all tucked away in their own labeled crates on top. There is even a crate tucked in for dirty laundry (bottom left).
I love these tidy finishing touches. The best thing, there is no screw to be found, like Lego it will all come apart if we ever get around replacing the carpet here.
Who doesn’t like a handy man? I’m very happy with mine!

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  1. No wonder your happy with yours, very handy :-)
    Looks fantastic Sandor!


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