Thank you 2015!

2015, what a wonderfull year. 
Our year in a glance. Thanks for visiting! 
Our handy man in action. A slide on the tree house.
A trampoline brought by Santa in 2014, gives hours and hours of jumping fun.
Sophie starting school.
 A night out with C.W.Stoneking, what a concert!
 Cookbooks, how I love them. Just flicking through them, accompanied by a cuppa, it’s precious me-time. Some recipes just sound so unreal, you got to try them... 
 4 young children can be hard work, but your life is never boring...
 Making the most of the mango season. Two large trays turned into just about any type of mango chutney, making the pantry groan with an additional 25 jars.
 Easter Holidays, camping and exploring beaches.
Playing in rock pools.
 And having fun with the chocolate.
 Rrrrriping out the 30 year old carpet and putting in a bamboo floor.
With a shuffle of the furniture, it becomes a whole new house. 
 Photo shoots are never easy. Take #34.
Launching my own little side business of quality granola. 
Added to my friends stall, it does really well at the farmers markets in Grafton and Yamba.
And my first solo market!
 Visiting (grand)parents, having some very special time together.
 Growing bananas.
Taking the cooking up a notch, a Thermomix.  
 The year of the bliss balls, whizzing up many different varieties that become such a hit that the local gym starts selling them.

Focussing on things that matter
Watching all our 20+ fruit trees and shrubs bear fruit. 
Groundwork for the swimming pool. 
We decided to build the pool ourselves, with help from the kids.
 A project finished, so much more precious of all the time we spend building it as a family.
A weekend away, quality time with my daughter.
 Making up new pancake recipes every Saturday morning. The Smoothie pancakes were the most popular.
Mulching the garden, keeping weeds down while building up the soil and moisture content.
Wheelbarrow #136
 Nippers, Sophie’s first year.
 Meeting our new dog, Tyson.
Monkeys everywhere.
Celebrating Summer Solstice.
Lots of beautiful rain!
 Christmas baking with the kids.
 Christmas sing-along.
 Boxing Day on the beach
Mowing time. Always on the lookout for the family of bearded dragons that live amongst us.

Have fun tonight, be safe. Wishing you all the best for 2016!

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