Christmas Down Under

 A large batch of Christmas Stollen, with a batch of Speculaas still perfuming the house from the oven.  Revisiting happy memories from Christmas back in The Netherlands and enough to give away to friends.
Lemon myrtle, bought for my granola, but before I hung it up to dry it became a impromptu table decoration.
Our tree on Christmas Eve, rigged with little bells to make sure we were all awake before the kids started unwrapping... Lots of toys to float on, dive for or squirt with in the new pool.
A half full pool, enough for a day filled with water play. Plumbing for filtration is still in progress.
(yes, that’s a strand of barbed wire, the only thing Alex respects so far)
Lots of nice food, the kids get to choose Christmas dinner: pizza, with home grown capsicums, zucchinis and eggplant and chunks of Christmas ham. It was a Full Moon after all...

Once the kids are in bed and the quiet has returned, it so nice laying together in the hammock, with a glass of wine and the sound of crickets, seeing a Full Moon rise...
 Boxing Day, on our favourite beach. A magical place.
Juicy mango’s and a picnic basket of leftovers.
We might miss our family dearly this time of year, the hard fact of living moving to the other side of the world. But we make the most of it, being thankful with what we do have.


  1. Merry Christmas Marijke to you, Sander and the children xxx
    Yes it must be hard at this time of the year to be far from family {{}}


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