Our water rats. They’re all getting swimming lessons and loving it.
After much debate, thoughts and ideas, we’ve decided to put in a pool in our own garden. Nothing big or fancy, just something to play around in, and cool off in Summer. With Spring just around the corner, we’ve decided to go for it.

We’re planning an above-ground pool, so we can add it to the back of our existing deck.
 But before we can start with groundworks we had to get rid of the stump of a big, old tree we had lopped years ago.

“A stump is the revenge of the tree for cutting it.”

Three weekends of pyromaniacs, covered in soot, is resulting in a big gaping hole. Step 1 is done, next weekend we have a date with a bobcat...

Only a week ago, I sold my first batch of Powerballs to the gym, a healthy after-workout snack to keep your energy up. Made with the goodness of nuts and seeds, combined with good quality ingredients to keep your tastebuds happy. They were sold out within 2 days (!), many batches have followed since then. The gym has also started to sell my other products to promote healthy eating. So proud to see my basket standing there, when I walk in for my session of BodyBalance!
An afternoon of melting and pouring beeswax has resulted in these beauties. I can get the beeswax locally and have finally found the right cotton wick for it. Beeswax burns about 2-5 times as long apposed to most other waxes. They don’t soot, instead clean the air and give off a lovely, subtle scent of honey. It’s very tricky to let them set without them getting huge cracks, instead of mixing through different waxes to prevent this (I wanted to keep it pure), I worked out a trick with the oven.
Just in time for the markets on Sunday...

 I’ve been baking like mad, trying to keep up with orders, while squirrelling away enough granola to bring along to the markets. I’m still creating other items to bring along, the kids are happy guinea pigs. Last minute I decided to change my labels for the granola, since there was much confusion with two varieties out. The new labels are awesome.
I’m dedicating a part of my stalls to promote local growers and farmers. My curry paste, garlic, curry packs, beetroot/blueberry brownies, fresh herbs. I’m proud to live in an area where we can grow so many things all year round, where so many lovely people do just that.

Having a little business to run, something just for me, makes me feel energised, happier. It adds a work to my already busy weeks, but it’s so worth it!

David has 5 new teeth coming through at the moment (3 molars), while Tim just lost one and is now dreaming of tooth faries. Alex is practicing more and more words, we’re naming everything, singing songs and keep making games out of it to help him along. Sophie is having a personality change, our quiet and shy little girl is coming out of her shell and is turning into a little dragon, spitting fire or playing tricks on you. With learning to read and write her confidence has been boosted, her friendship with a girl living next door has her getting her fill of girly things. After 3 rowdy brothers she has finally someone to play princesses with!

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  1. Hey big news!! You'll love it:) Kids are changing and growing. Last game of soccer this weekend and then I can come for a visit:)
    btw do you use coconut sugar at all? and would you like some lemons?
    I made a couple of recipes from your pinterest, the Jewel Bliss Balls are the fav and so healthy!! David got sick of waiting for me to make a new batch and made his own late one night, was most disgruntled to only manage 3 out of that batch as when he came home they'd all been eaten.


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