First Market

My first market.
After weeks of working very hard on baking, labelling and organising, I loaded up my car with merchandise to sell.
A long day, rolling out of bed at 5 for the final touches. Setting up from 7am, then packing up from 2pm. Getting home to a big load of washing, orders to organise, a kitchen to sort and dinner to cook. A side business is just that after all... ;-)
I had such a great time meeting new people, chatting with customers, talking about food.
It takes a while to get my name out there, for those interested in clean-eating, to find me. But this was a great way to promote my little business.
I sold about 20 kilo’s of granola! Taste testing was the way to go, one taste and one after the other grabbed a bag to take home.
These cuties did really well, although I got told over and over again that I’m too cheap... I probably have the wrong mindset. I want my costs and my time paid for, then added a percentage to market them, which pays for my stall and insurance. I don’t need to make a huge profit, I rather keep them accessible, good food is expensive enough. I love giving people healthy options, to try something different. And I’m having so much fun with it!


  1. Well done!! So pleased you did well:) Looking forward to trying some granola myself
    Will have to broaden my ball fav's, the almond and jaffa look promising, though we still love the Jewel Bliss Ball, thanks for hte HT.

  2. A very positive outcome for your very first market!


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