Project Granola

I’ve been working on a very exciting project. Nuts! Granola.
A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend about the future of the farmers markets and how I would love to have a stall there myself one day. She already has a stand on the farmers markets, with lovely home baked goods, fresh coffee and the surplus of her garden. With the youngest two still at home, I couldn’t, but it’s something I love to work towards for the future. I mentioned the things I would like to make and bake to sell. I gave her a sample jar of the slowly baked granola that I have been making for our family in the last 4 years. She loved it so much that she offered to sell it for me. It could be a nice little start-up.
Not wanting to so something half baked (pun intended), I’ve been working hard designing logo’s, working out packaging, price and nutrient labels. A nice little challenge to get my brain and creative juices working again!
I’ve been doing a couple of mock-up packagings (as above) to get an idea what would work. And after many, many changes, I’ve got something I’m happy with.
I’m very tired after a day of baking and lastminute changes, but the labels are printed. I’m equal parts nervous and excited, but tomorrow I’ve got about 25 bottles and jars to take to the markets!!!


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