In business!

“The best quality nuts, seeds and old fashioned grains.
Soaked in homemade apple sauce, spices and a little coconut oil.
Then slowly roasted to create that delicious crunch.
Sprinkle over yoghurt for a nutritious breakfast, over fruit for a quick crumble or...
straight out of the jar!”

All ingredients are sourced local,
biodynamic, organic and Australian wherever possible.

I’m in business! Find my “Nuts! Granola” at the Grafton Farmers Markets (cnr Fitzroy & Duke St) today or at the Yamba Markets on Wednesdays.
With 4 kids in tow, early on a very chilly morning I handed over my first batch of granola.
It’s exciting and nerve wrecking. But I’m glad that I took that first step. Even if nothing comes from it, we’ll have plenty of granola to eat and a big dent into our jar supply (Sander is positively happy that he can close kitchen cupboards again).

But staying positive, for those living locally that have a large supply of glass jars and bottles, please keep them for me, I’ll come and pick them up.   ;-)

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