Rrrrrrrrip it out!

What a week! Already the holiday feels like months ago. A sick and feverish little David resulted in a week of minimum sleep, while trying to dig myself out from the huge pile of washing and other jobs that needed to be done before Friday. (For those that are trying to get a hold on me, I’m still alive just preoccupied).
But there was a highlight. Like a dream coming through, well that sounds sad, more like the end of a nightmare... ;-) Carpet in the living/dining area.
Think: +30 years old. Cream. Under the dining table. 4 young kids. And since a couple of months it all started to unravel to the point that you could see the blue underlay shining through way too many holes.

Oh the joy to rrrrrrip it all out!
Highlight of the week: the bamboo flooring got delivered!
Putting in the new floor with our four little “helpers”. (note to self, need to wash the windows, urgently...)
With great teamwork, it took us all weekend just to get the first part done. The result is spectacular, the light just bounces around on the glossy finish!
Next weekend we'll do the adjoining room. I actually quite enjoy shuffling furniture, ok it’s hard work, but it makes it all fresh and new. Cupboards get emptied out and sorted and you can rethink the way to put it all back. Trying to use the space even better, offset by a beautiful floor. 
Looking forward to the rest already!


  1. Fantastic news and it looks so lovely!!
    Love the pics of the crew helping:) I'll be sure to show D too, he'll be interested.
    I can imagine it simply makes you happy every time you look at it:)

    1. Very happy, Erin! It’s like a whole new house!
      I love the bamboo, it’s as heavy as hardwood, very durable and kids proof.
      Very affordable too. Let’s catch up soon.

  2. It's looking wonderful! I love having hardwood (or bamboo) floors, so easy to keep clean too! No more dusty carpet and no more vacuuming if you have a dry static mop.

  3. Awesome flooring. Bamboo floorings always look great.

    More info about bamboo floors here: bamboo flooring. See different types and consider the pros and cons.


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