More mango

I tried out two more recipes for mango:
A Mango & Apricot Pickle, the tamarind gives it a nice tang, I did a double batch.
The second was an Indian Mango Chutney, beautiful spices. The nigella seeds do not only improve the taste, but also give it a nice visual aspect.

Both were easily made, it took me to digging in the garden for fresh ginger and turmeric as well as making a good dent in my garlic supply.
I worked with fresh green chillies, the red ones are all infested with fruit fly at this time of year...

I promised my neighbour a jar, but held back. Because... I wasn’t too impressed with the outcome...
Nevertheless, I bottled both batches and set them aside. Pondering what to do.

A week later, we came back from swimming lessons. It was 17:30, Friday night, all were hungry and tired. And the general mood was going down with every minute the rice was cooking to go with the awaiting curry.
I ended up opening a jar of the mango/apricot and spreading it lightly on a bit on a wrap. Sliced in strips they did a great job as a pre-dinner snack. But wow the taste blew me away. A week of resting, improved the taste so much!

Next day with lunch I opened a jar with the Indian mango chutney, same thing!
A tablespoon spread out on a wrap, with strips of cucumber and capsicum,  baby spinach and some grated cheese. Lunch was a highlight.

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