Crispy nuts

I love the diversity of almonds. But as a snack they never done it for me. That was until I came across a way to activate them.
Activated nuts, it sounds silly very interesting don’t you think?

But now, you’re intrigued, want to know how. Right?
The trick is to make them think it’s time become independent, grow up to become a tree.
Soak them in water for a day and soon they’ll start to get ready to sprout. Stop right there, no need to actually let them sprout. Rinse and quickly shake or pat them dry(ish), then put on a baking tray(s) and roast very slowly on 90 to 120 degrees Celsius (fan forced) until completely dry and crispy. This will take a couple of hours, just give them a shake every now and them. Let them cool down before eating or storing them.

Why going through all this trouble? The transformation towards sprouting will alter the nut and change the skin to something that doesn’t irritate your throat and stomach. The nut will activate a lot of it’s nutrients, ready to take-off in growth.
But most of all, it alters and improves the taste, the nuts will also keep much longer.

They’ve become a very nice crispy snack, tossed through a salad or mixed in with your granola or nut butter.

My favourite recipes with activated almonds:
Baby spinach, beetroot (cooked and sliced, or raw and grated), soft goats cheese, cucumber pieces, capsicum slivers with a thick syrupy balsamic vinegar and some macadamia oil for dressing. A handful of the activated almonds go on top.

Or what about this fabulous chocolate nut butter?
Put in a food processor:
- Activated almonds, roasted macadamia’s and roasted cashews or whatever roasted or activated nut you like and have on hand.
- A couple of table spoons of oil (coconut, macadamia,..),
- A pinch of salt,
- As much/little honey depending on your sweet tooth (start with one tablespoon)
- Cocoa (unsweetened), I prefer Dutch or raw cocoa, several tablespoons for a dark chocolate taste.

Would you give it a go?

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