Things that make me happy…

The song of birds, grazing wallabies, the first rays of sunlight. It’s 6am and David wakes up for the first time, since I’ve put him in bed at 8:30pm. 
Fourth time in a row, we’re on to something. Hello world!
 Breakfast on the deck, while the world wakes up around us. 
Fantastic recipe for weekend pancakes: equal parts almond flour and wholemeal flour, mixed with lots of eggs (one a person), buttermilk, pinch of salt, large teaspoon of baking powder and a spoon of honey. The batter is a bit thicker then with Dutch pancakes. Stir in a couple of hands of (frozen) berries and fry up in coconut oil. These little pancakes also keep well in the fridge for snacks. 
A little girl surrounded by brothers. And Sophie is such a girly girl, with a hopeless mum…
Nail polish (aka 100% beetroot juice)
A drawing for mum
A garden bed fully planted. I’ve missed spending time with my hands in the soil.
Give it another month for the zucchini and watermelon to be big enough to provide some nice shade for the lettuce, beetroot and all the other things growing already. I’ve made start on another garden bed, 4 types of melons are in, I’ll keep adding things to it when I find the time.
A whole garden bed filled with garlic. It’s been growing steady over winter, this december should be the right time to dig it all up. Very exciting.
My own little gnome (link) to keep me company in the garden.
A very handy husband, fixing some leaking pipes (and entertaining the kids).
 I’ve won these glittery threads on a blog called “Pieces of Contentment”, Karen makes the most gorgeous quilts and photo’s. I was lucky to meet her a couple of weeks ago (we happen to share the same home town). The happy colours of the threads and the quilts she showed me makes me want to lock myself away for a couple of hours and sew!
Tim & Sophie making mud pies, along comes Alex…

Today this little boy has begun to use the potty, high fives all around.

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  1. So, so many things to make one happy here! I love your garden and surrounds - very exciting to see it becoming ever more productive. Family and healthy food amongst the spring gum trees - with a little sewing and dreaming as well......


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