Spring holidays

The second week of the school holidays. I’m enjoying the time with all the kids at home, the relaxing of not having to watch the clock all the time, the slow start is the morning. I’m just about  through all the washing we’ve collected during our camping trip on top of all the “normal” day-to-day pile.
I’m still hacking away at my pile of paperwork, slowly getting there.
I needed to gather some courage before going to the supermarket with all of them in tow, the very first time with all four. It was a breeze, the eldest two are such good helpers! The youngest two so happy to have their older siblings around so much.
And I’ve finished my sisters quilt! Photo’s will follow soon, once she has unwrapped her present. There are lots of other blog posts in the pipeline, about nice bloggers I’ve met, an award I’ve received. Next week I hope to tell you all about it.
My priority now is enjoying this quiet time with the kids, lazing around and soaking up the sun with the dragons, play dates and running underneath the sprinkler.
There is no doubt Winter is behind us after the first 30+ temperature days. Kids are mostly outside playing with water and restoring their energy for the last school term.
See you back next week!


  1. Sounds like a very pleasant way to be spending the holidays - enjoy the next few days.

  2. Love the frilly necked:) Relaxing holidays are so rejuvenating


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