You're nuts, butter

Making your own nut butter is very easy, and so rewarding when it comes to taste.

You're nuts Butter:
Quickly dry roast your nuts in a frying pan or roasting pan in the oven;
(when using hazelnuts put them in a tea towel and rub most of the skins off to avoid that bitter taste)
Chuck it in a kitchen machine;
Whiz until it becomes crumbly;
Add a little neutral/macadamia/almond oil and keep whizzing until it comes together and turns liquid;
Add a little salt to taste.

The amount of oil you need depends on the nuts you're using, maca's only need a tiny bit, where hazelnuts need a bit more.
I love the ABC-paste (almonds, brazil and cashew nuts) or just almond paste. For peanut butter you might want to add a little sugar or honey to get the store bought taste.

For an even fancier twist, turn some of it into chocolate spread.

You're nuts and you know it Butter:
For every cup of nut butter, melt a cup of good quality dark chocolate;
Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla paste;
For those with a sweet tooth add a tablespoon of honey or icing sugar;
Mix and store.

It's like bonbons on toast...


  1. If you are eating it fresh, you can also use fruit instead of oil to make it into a paste. My favourites are macadamia pear butter (http://witcheskitchen.com.au/the-breakfast-challenge-macadamia-and-pear-butter/) maca banana butter (http://witcheskitchen.com.au/banana-macadamia-butter-on-oat-toast/) and mandarin butter (http://witcheskitchen.com.au/turmeric-and-mandarin-nut-butter/). And odd though it may sound, macadamia turmeric butter is really delicious.

    1. Sure try that one out, plenty of turmeric in the garden.
      I've been putting slices of banana on top of the bread, same idea but the butter will last longer.
      Thanks for visiting and taking to the time to comment, I'm honoured.


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