Knock, knock! Who's there?

Knock, knock!
That's the sound your hear a lot out of town. People knocking on their rainwater tank to check how much water is left in dry times. And even though we have a sensor in the tank that flicks the switch to town water when we do run out, you just can't help yourself...
The obsession comes to the point that you start making calculations with predicted rain versus roof space (25mm x 200m2 = 5m3 or 5000L).
The tank is 2,3m high and holds almost 23.000L, making it a perfect rain gauge. One day and night of rain filled it up 70cm or 7000L. We should be good for another month or two...
Did the little head under the door scare you too?
Just a harmless blue tongued lizard, check out the little legs.
Why can't they come with a banner? "I come one peaceful legs"

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