Water kefir, It's alive!

Water kefir, I've written about it before (link), a sweet fizzy drink rich in taste and probiotics.
My recipes keep changing and most work out really well, the kefired (?) ice tea was a great hit in Summer.
After a couple months break, a friend gave me a bowl of pomegranates. I like them, I know that they're good for you, but the seeds! Time to get my water kefir up and running again. Wow!
Other then fruit, I feed it dark brown sugar, the sugar gets turned into carbon. And the dark (molasses) for the minerals and extra taste. Keeping your kefir crystals in a muslin bag makes it much easier to separate them from the fruit.

So yesterday was supermarket day. I needed dark brown (non organic) sugar, $4.80 for a kilo bag!
While living in Sarina between the sugar cane field we learned a thing or two, the lesser refined sugar had still minerals in it, and lot more taste.
But the brown sugar is like the supermarket wholemeal flour: white flour with added bran, in this case, white sugar with molasses mixed through.
And with all the nasty chemicals that wash straight into the Great Barrier Reef, your better of with organic.
Okay, so granulated sugar mixed with molasses, right?
The recipe:
Brown sugar, add a tablespoon of molasses to every cup of sugar.
Dark brown sugar, add and extra tablespoon.
Mix until it comes together, store in jars.

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