Excitement (with twelve exclamation marks).

After all my nagging in the last couple of months I thought to bring you some happy news today.
There is plenty excitement at our house at the moment, where to start?!?!

I'm going to be an auntie! Auntie Marijke & Uncle Sander isn't that something!

My sister Janneke is getting married, 
I've promised my sisters that we would make the trip for a wedding (to give them some incentive). We'll be in The Netherlands and Belgium in November.

My sister Lisa will be competing at the World Championships Rowing in South Korea in the end of August!
The builders have started on our new deck, the old one was starting to fall apart and is getting ripped out at the moment. In a couple of weeks we should have a trustworthy deck, with a roof!

We've sold our apartment in The Netherlands, this is mostly a big relief. The GFC hasn't made it easy to sell. It will be the end of our double mortgage!!!!

Alex is crawling, mostly in commando style, but he is off and chewing away with his two little teeth.
We are picking raspberries! This is a native/wild variety, I'll let you know in a couple of years if I regret taking a cutting and planting it. They grow like mad!
And we are enjoying Winter, watching the wildlife through the windows. The days are balmy the nights by the wood fire are cosy.


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    Waar moet ik beginnen met feliciteren? Gefeliciteerd met alles wat hierboven staat!!!!!!!!!!!! (ook 12) je hebt het opgespaard hahaha.
    groetjes en liefs,


    1. Hoi nichie!
      Gave foto's van Sri Lanka, hoop gedaan in een korte tijd!
      Zie je hopelijk in November.
      Liefs, Marijke


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