Thursday's cookout

Most Thursdays I'm at the farmers market at 7am, with a quick stop at the butcher on the way home. Sander has the car that day and I have a morning of cooking.

How does that look like? A very productive kitchen, with just about every pot, mixing bowl and kitchen machine in use. It makes meals the rest of the week/month a whole lot easier.
Last Thursday it was:
8 kg of apples 
Turned into apple sauce, (recipe), canned.
The canning is the hard part, I've been trialling an alternative, using spotless clean jars and spooning in the apple sauce while still boiling hot, cleaning the rim, the lid does pop nicely in place. I don't trust it enough to keep it in the pantry and keep them in the fridge instead. So far I'm very happy with the result. I do still keep a couple of smaller containers frozen, but I only have a very moderate freezer.

3 kg of beetroot
Roasted and preserved, by adding olive oil and balsamic vinegar as liquid.
Great in salads, mash or baby food. The liquid becomes salad dressing.

1 container of garlic/parsley butter
Great for cooking in winter, the finishing touch for the parsnip/carrot/sweet potato mash, pan fried fish or on bread with a hearty stew.

1,5kg of yoghurt (recipe)
We're going through at least two containers a week.

1 rye sourdough bread (recipe)
The daily loaf of bread

2 jars of roasted nuts,
For salads and snack bags

2,5 kg of granola 
(double batch of this updated recipe)
We're going through it big time

5kg tomatoes
Garden grown! Most of them ended in a tomato soup, a kids favourite.
I'll be trialling some mini roma tomatoes in the dehydrator for the capsicum/cashew dip (recipe)

This was quite a busy day, a miserable day well spent. On sunny days I keep it a bit more simple and have some extra time in the garden.

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