Spanish eggs (Moroccan Eggs)

Spanish eggs are eggs fried in tomato sauce. Although mostly used as a breakfast dish, it's one of my favourite lunch dishes. Very easy to make:
Fry up some diced onion and garlic in olive oil, add a can of tomatoes, bring to a bubble. With a spoon make little holes in the sauce to crack the eggs in, put a lid on and serve when the egss are to your preferred consistency. Serve with some toast. 

But I like a twist to a recipe, for a lack of a name let's call it Moroccan Eggs. 
Adding a couple of tablespoons of harissa to the tomato sauce (ground coriander and cumin, chilli flakes and minced garlic will do the same). 
Then go for fancy and serve with diced cucumber, yoghurt and turkish bread then sprinkle the lot with dukkah and fresh mint leaves. That's it, my favourite lunch dish.

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