In for a crazy week

Looking for a baby update?
Sorry...  This baby is still too comfy to come out.
This last month of this pregnancy sure has been a challenge. Summer holidays with two kids at home, extreme heat, bushfire warnings, extreme rain, flooding and an evacuation late at night.
Sander has had parental leave for the last two weeks to "help out with the baby". He has been a great help with giving me some much needed rest, the many false alarms with this baby haven't made up for the best nights sleep. But he is running out of time and has patients and paperwork waiting for him.

Baby is now ten days overdue, if not out by Monday morning, I'll be induced.
I thought I had planned everything well and far ahead, never thinking I would go overdue, but babies keep their own schedule. Sander is expected back at work full-tine on Wednesday, that will also be the day that Tim will have his first day of "big" school. Sophie is expected at preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays. Next week will be a bit hectic and an interesting start for a new routine. We'll be fine.
I hope to give you a baby update soon.

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