Alexander Clarence Van der Vlist

Born this morning at 7 after a quick and easy birth: Alex.
9 pounds of healthy baby boy, born in the bath, but to be expected when you have two rivers in your name...

- Clarence, the mighty and strong river, as we all know after last weeks record flooding, thankfully flowing gently again. This is where he will grow up, in the beautiful Clarence Valley.
- Van der Vlist - translated as From the Vlist, the Vlist being a river in The Netherlands close to Gouda,
most of my husbands family still resides in this area. Sander grew up there, and this is were we got married.

We're home again, Sophie takes her role as big sister very seriously.

On request, our postal address:
Dr Sander Van der Vlist
33 Queen Street, Grafton NSW 2460


  1. Proficiat! 't aller beste gewenst aan jullie vijven! Groetjes Erik & Benthe

  2. Gefeliciteerd!!!!!
    Enne... mooie naam!!

  3. Marijke, Sander, Tim en Sophie van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie zoon en broertje;
    groeten Jan en Bep Veer

  4. Wat een goed nieuws, van harte gefeliciteerd met deze prachtige aanwinst!
    Dikke knuffel van Emmeke, Pim & Pepijn

  5. Congratulations to all of you. He is beautiful. I have been following your blog to see when the baby was born. Hope you are both well which i am sure you are being an earth mother that you are. What a great name and with the meanings that go with it. Very strong but hopefully a little more tame then your clarence has been lately. Stay well and enjoy your little boy. I have actually been following your blog for a while and really enjoy your recipes (bread and yogurt) that i try here as you have a different way of doing them then i do and some are a success and some not but have great fun trying. By the way love your patchworking looks fantastic. Look forward to seeing little Alex grow up. Treen

  6. ah, it must be a relief to have him safe with you, I hope you didn't suffer too much damage in the flood.


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