The veggie garden in January

The veggie garden is wild and rampant, just the way I like it. 
There is a system to this madness, well... sort of. The idea is that the plants shield each other from the worst of the heat and wind. There is a lot of different things growing here: beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, sweet potato, capsicum, corn, basil, spinach, shallots,...
 Tomatoes, no idea which variety this is, tasty though
A leftover from Winter, the rainbow silver beet just keeps on going, cold or heat is doesn't care much about it, you can easily substitute where you would use spinach. After months of abundance of this stuff, we're very much over it, the chooks though still get very exited with their extra serve of daily greens.
The border is full with flowers to attract bees, pollination is not longer an issue, the bamboo stakes are to keep the roos at bay, well some of them.
But every now and then some veggies get lost, like this 2,4kg zucchini. 
Homebaked Turkish bread with tomato soup, grilled veggies, basil, haloumi, complemented with a little freshly whisked mayonaise. Cooking becomes a real pleasure!

The only time I spend on this garden is to harvest, water, collect eggs and feed chooks, 10 minutes tops a day. After the next new moon I'll scatter some more seeds around, mostly flowers to keep the bees and insects happy. With the weather getting very dry, windy and hot (40 degrees) these plants will, other then a little watering, have to fend for themselves. I've given up on growing sensitive herbs and salad greens out in the garden, they have taken refuse in pots under the shade cloth, plenty of space there with a new sowing of winter seedlings still a couple of months away.
And a tree hut with a roof

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