Sewing for Sanity

It has been extremely hot around here, with most days ranging between the 35 and 42 degrees. That with being 9 months pregnant is not a good combination. It's a big relief that our house is air-conditioned, I'm not a big fan of using it, but when you start to perspire more then you can drink it becomes a necessity... So you're stuck inside, with two kids in the middle of the long Summer holidays. Between Sophie waking up every night, baby practicing summersaults and testing the flexibility of your ribs and the frequent visits to the bathroom, I'm tired.
There is still a household to run, a garden to keep alive, but most of that gets done during the early morning or late afternoon. Reading a book is nice, for a bit to get some rest, I need something to do that feels like an accomplishment or I go raving mad!

Introducing: Sewing for Sanity. First there was XMas with some decorations, a table runner and table cloths. This blanket is the for the pending baby, fun and easy to make.

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